Who We Are

About Sultana Group

Sultana Group was one of the first companies in Egypt pioneering the watches industry since 1969.

It became a name synonymous with trust and client confidence.

The uniqueness of Sultana Group is its understanding of customer needs and fashion trends, vital for the industry in which it operates.


They say  time will tell  a simple phrase that resonates loud and clear within our company.

From its humble beginnings over 40 years ago to its current market leadership stature, Sultana Group has certainly stood the test of time.

We believed back then, as we still do to our present day, in core values and core competencies. We live by them internally within our company and deliver them to our clients and partners. And the end result is Sultana Group, a company you can trusts, a company that believes in its people,                      a company that values its partners and a company whose name has become synonymous with quality products and ultimate customer care in the watch industry.

I openly would like to share our growth and success with our employees, our clients, and our partners, whose constant contribution to our success does not go unnoticed.

On behalf of the entire Sultana team, I thank you for your trust in us and for your constant support.


Mr. Tamer Sultan



Sultana’s Mission is to offer reliable, high-quality products. We will offer a very high level of practical experience, and know-how. Clients must know that working with us is more professional; we exist to attract and maintain customers. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers.

With our competencies and core beliefs, we continually improve our prominent selection of products and services to the needs of our customers through stores that uniquely convey outdoor-experience.

Our Vision

We are not trying to keep pace with the future, We are already there.

As a rapidly growing company, we do not exist for the sake of profit by itself, but the change the way things are, to move the status, to touch our part of the world with an added sense of value.

Being an outstanding company in providing hip & trendy exclusive products and value added services to satisfy the needs of our customers from various levels and requirements, to continuously invest in the biggest asset of the company: our employees.

Value Added Goals

  • Gaining our customers trust
  • Exceeding their expectations
  • Team work aiming always to satisfy our clients
  • Emphasize service and support
  • Build a relationship business
  • Increase the customer’s awareness of our brands
  • Create continual success
  • Sustain the confidence and loyalty of customers